With Cushwa brick products, your building really shapes up.
Since 1872 we’ve been making moulded brick the old-fashioned way, by hand. This time honored tradition of pressing clay into a sand-coated wooden mould one at a time is what gives our brick the rich antique texture, soft contours, and classic appeal. It’s no wonder that genuine handmades by Cushwa have been the brick of choice for discerning builders and architects for over 120 years.
Fine detailing is the hallmark of excellent architecture. That’s why Cushwa special shapes are preferred among discerning builders and architects. Cushwa is one of the oldest brick plants in the country, manufacturing sand-moulded brick products. Distinctive Cushwa genuine handmade and machine-moulded face brick and pavers offer top-of-the-line quality and aesthetic appeal. The Cushwa line is the premier producer of special brick shapes. So whether you select our genuine handmade or machine-moulded series, you’ll appreciate the superior texture, subtle contours, and classic appeal of Cushwa moulded brick from Redland Brick. In fact, we’ve raised brick construction to an art – so you can create fine “art” in brick. As one of the largest producers of special shapes and sizes, we invite you to call our technical service team and take advantage of our commitment to excellence.
Homeowners love the look of Cushwa, and builders love the way Cushwa sells their homes. That’s because there is no substitute for the distinctive appeal of genuine moulded Cushwa brick from Redland Brick. Whether it’s our Genuine Handmade brick, or our machine-moulded Antique Collection, the soft colors and subtle contours of Cushwa add value and prestige to your homes. Cushwa is also the premier line of custom brick shapes and sizes that will make your homes special.
With Cushwa you get the high quality bricks you need when you need them. Over the years we’ve established a tradition of making only quality brick. We’re known in the industry for dependability and conformity to architectural specifications. Don’t settle for less than genuine Cushwa brick from Redland Brick.

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